Say goodbye to Royal Element...

MCM Music are proud to announce the release of Royal Element’s final album. A double album comprising 28 of their greatest hits, this compilation is a must for all loyal fans of what was one of the world’s most succesful boy bands.

*ahem* This playlist actually features songs from some of the most popular boy bands. From A1 to 2gether, there’s enough cheese here to rival the moon. I had a lot of fun putting it together so please enjoy!

This is Our Beginning...

KittyKat Productions is proud to announce the release of a stunning debut album from the hottest rockers in town! Comprising brand-new music from the former Royal Element members, this album showcases their rockier side and irresistible charm.

This playlist is how I imagine the guys’ rockier sound and new material in Book 5. It also acts as a soundtrack to the series as a whole – see if you can spot which songs refer to scenes in the books!

SPOILER ALERT: If you haven’t read Book 5 yet, the album title and band name are shown on Spotify.